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shop [independent stores that carry B-KAO]:
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renegade handmade - Founders of the renown craft fair of the same name. Visit their shop in Chicago, IL.
smash! records - Clothing and record store (punk/hardcore/indie/etc) in Washington, DC.
needles + pens - Amazing boutique and gallery in San Francisco, CA.
white elephant - Ridiculously adorable shop in Ontario, Canada.
indie - A boutique specializing in unique designs in Springfield, MO.
oak - Handmade clothing and gifts located in Boston, MA.
shop [clothes /handbags /accessories /etc]:
bonbi forest - UK based online shop with cute screenprinted clothing.
junkie3 - Amazing handmade jewelry from Melbourne.
the bobabo - Mexico's answer to plushy comfort.
loot by stina b - Handbags, shirts, and more.
rose deniz - Individually crafted handbags and accessories from Turkey.
yumiyah - Beautiful handmade items from Las Vegas.
orie itsu - Lots of clothing from Belgium.
pashupatina - Beautifully handcrafted necklaces.
feisty elle - Handmade accessories by Leslie.
ninja vintage - For all your vintage needs.
studio kat - You can buy crafting materials here.
extinct design - Eco-friendly handmades.
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